los cabos cheap hostals

Did you know? there is more than 300 resorts in cabo…

exclusively for those travelers that are looking to stay for a couple days or maybe a couple weeks, venture into these this aged but reliable hostals and enjoy the best of our destination

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estancia real cabo all inclusive

estancia real los cabos

$80USD           ✔️
downtown        ✔️
free breakfast  ✔️

cabo inn all inclusive

cabo inn los cabos

$53USD per night ✔️
downtown             ✔️
pet friendly        ✔️

roca vista cabo all inclusive

roca vista los cabos

$80USD per night ✔️
downtown              ✔️
swimming pool     ✔️

casa tortuga all inclusive cabo

cabo tortuga hotel boutique

$135USD per night ✔️
downtown               ✔️
breakfast included ✔️