Los Cabos Mexio. American rapper shared photos on social media with her audience during his stay at an exclusive hotel in Cabo San Lucas. The singer of ‘Woman’ enjoyed a well-deserved vacation with her new partner, comedian J. Cyrus. Through her social networks she was seen in different places of the destination modeling different outfits […]

Britney Spears enjoys a few days of rest in Los Cabos

Los cabos mexico. In her most recent visit to Mexico, she didn’t travel with her husband, but is accompanied by her friend Cade Hudson. Different media reported that Britney Spears was enjoying a few days of rest in Los Cabos, the pop star shared some images on her social media account with her friend Cade […]

Spring Break: 10 thousand tourists arrive daily

Los cabos mexico. according to the tourism ministry, some of the spring breakers also visit the beaches of La paz during their stay. It was noted that travelers have expressed their satisfaction with the destination’s activities. Government expressed that the high season will continue during Easter Week. March and April are expected to maintain the […]