Yacht adrift for hours with 183 people on board

  • The Cabo Rey suffered a failure while making its recreational crossing of the Cabo San Lucas Bay: no injuries were reported

Los cabos mexico. May 3 on wednesday night, a tourist vessel was evacuated due to a mechanical failure of the vessel called “Cabo Rey”, where maritime and port authorities were in charge of providing assistance on the coast of Cabo San Lucas.

The passengers descended from the Cabo Rey boat at around 3:00 a.m. on Thursday, May 4, and were attended by paramedics from the Mexican Red Cross.

The 36 crew members were in charge at all times of maintaining control and giving positive messages to their passengers, so that they would remain calm, confident that the authorities would do the same and bring them to safety on dry land

The vessel is a three-level catamaran, 144 feet long and 44 feet wide, powered by two 400-horsepower engines and a water treatment plant.

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